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 College Knowledge

Find the right college for you

Some students want to find the perfect college. The truth is, there's no such thing. You can find many colleges where you'll be happy and get an excellent education. The college search is about exploring who you are and what you want and then finding colleges where you can meet your goals.

Still, it's important to narrow the possibilities into a manageable list. Use the tools below to build your list which should contain approximately:

  • One to two safeties

  • Two to four good matches

  • One to two reaches

College Admission Representative Visits see the CHS College & Career Center calendar for upcoming dates. Students, don't miss your opportunity to speak face-to-face with visiting College Admission Representatives! Ask all your burning questions about campus life, majors, admission requirements, etc. Some bring swag to share too! Advisable for 10th-12th graders.

  • *Note: If you are a College Admission Representative, we'd love to have you visit! Please use RepVisits to schedule an available date.

College Application Tools

  • College Search step-by-step Although there's no magic formula for choosing a college, you can start by asking yourself some questions that help most students find the right fit.

  • College Scorecard U.S. Department of Education. Search and compare colleges: their fields of study, costs, admissions, results, and more.

  • The College Tour on Amazon Prime In this innovative and informative series, each story is told by real students attending the featured college or university right now!

Click on the pictures below for more information about 4-year and 2-year/technical colleges in Washington State


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