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Bus Passes

Please call the Attendance Office at 425-844-4806 or email to request a bus pass.


Bus passes allowing students to go home with friends have returned for the 2023-24 school year!  Students must have a pass to board a bus with their friend.  Additionally, students must have a pass if they are riding their regular bus but disembarking at a different stop.

Parents/guardians may request a bus pass for students by calling or emailing the Attendance Office or the Main Office no later than 1:30pm, or 12pm on early release Fridays.  Bus passes are not provided by student request.

Bus passes are required for students traveling in the district via RSD buses.  Students needing to travel to volunteer at one of the elementary schools, driving school, KCLS Libraries in Duvall or Carnation, etc., must have a parent-requested pass to board a bus.

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