Registration Information

New Student Registration

New students who wish to enroll at Cedarcrest must come into the counseling office and pick up a New Student Registration Packet. Once the packet is completed, please schedule a new student registration appointment with a counselor by contacting the counseling secretary, Barb Jarett, at 425-844-4807. Please bring the completed packet to the registration appointment -- if the packet is not 100% complete, the registration appointment will not be scheduled until it is completed. If you have questions about whether your registration packet is complete, feel free to contact Barb Jarett with questions. The registration packet gives the counselors vital information to appropriately place your new student in proper courses and help ensure a smooth transition, as well as help to formulate a detailed plan towards graduation.

If you need a New Student Registration Packet over the summer, please pick one up at the Riverview District Office in Duvall and contact Barb Jarett to set up a registration appointment when staff returns to Cedarcrest the 3rd week of August.

At minimum, new students must have the following documents prior to the registration appointment:

  • Discipline records from student's former school

  • Current transcript of any high school credits

  • Current shot record

  • Proof of district residency

  • Special education students must Provide IEP and current evaluation

  • Verification of legal name

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Course Registration Process

Students build their own schedules at CHS through the student-driven registration process.


It includes the following:

  • Making Course Requests in March using the annual Course Description Guide

  • Building a Master Schedule in April to accommodate student's Course Requests

  • Making Course Selections in May by choosing from the courses requested in March

You will be working closely with your counselor, teachers, and parents during the registration process. Ownership in this process is very important because these decisions will help you successfully prepare for your future. Please remember that course selection choices should be connected to your academic, career, and personal interests. Please spend ample time making these decisions and ask lots of questions. Staff members at CHS are very interested in helping you as much as possible and want to assist in making this process meaningful.

To choose classes that meet your needs, read through the entire Course Description Guide, generate discussions with teachers of classes of interest, and be sure to refer to your High School and Beyond Plan . This will help ensure accuracy about your choices.

Prior to finalizing your decisions, be sure to refer to the CHS Graduation Requirements, and the Washington State College Admission Requirements in the Course Description Guide, as listed on the counseling center website. It is very important that each course selected will assist you in successfully meeting requirements for graduation, while ensuring successful transition into college and/or a career interest.

  • 8th grade students will complete course requests at TMS in March and the CHS registrar will register students in June

  • 9th/10th/11th grade students will complete course requests in English classrooms in March and self-register through Xello in late May

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