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Transcripts are processed as soon as possible (typically within 3 days). 


** Class of 2024 final transcripts will be sent by July 1. If you completed a request on your senior checkout form, you do NOT need to submit again. **

Official Transcripts

To request an Official Transcript, complete the Request Form and click submit at the bottom. The first six (6) transcripts per year are free of charge, and for every one requested after six an additional $4.00 is charged.

Please be aware that most recipients do not consider a transcript sent via email to be official.


**It is important to note that parents/guardians can NOT request transcripts for students once they have graduated.

For questions please contact 

Sharla Hall, Registrar

(425) 844-4808

Transcript Request Form

For all other recipients, please provide name and full mailing address

or email address

Request Submitted

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