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District Strategic Plan

Riverview Strategic Plan

Riverview School District's Strategic Plan reflects both successes from the previous plan, as well as new ideas, programs, and processes solicited from the School Board, superintendent, students, staff and community members.

Riverview's School Board continues to be an active participant in monitoring and providing input into the strategic planning process. The Board participates in inclusive roundtable dialogue sessions for each building and program on an annual basis for valuable input. In addition, monthly plan status reporting and annual reviews are conducted by the School Board.

The strategic planning model is based upon very simple concepts. Every strategic plan has essentially the same components: mission, vision, values, critical success factors plus an examination of the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Goals are also established to provide focus and direction for all levels of the organization. As a follow-up measure, a business plan has been developed that will provide the objectives with action steps to support the strategic plan.



To become a national model of educational excellence



Educate Children

Goal 1:


Increase the growth of each and every student in achieving district student outcomes. 


Managed by Teaching and Learning, Information Technology, and Student Services

Goal 2:


Provide a financial process, business practices, and safe facilities to support the improvement of student  learning.

Managed by Business and Operations

Goal 3:


Provide Human Resources and Communication practices to improve student learning.

Managed by Human Resources and Communications

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