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Internship, Job, and Summer Opportunities


The Summer High School Internship Program (SHIP) is a competitive, eight-week, full-time paid internship for rising 12th graders. The program is specifically designed for students from backgrounds underrepresented in biomedical science


JSTI East is a two week residential program in Maryland for current high school students and teachers that exposes them to scientific research through hands-on projects. This program enables participants to work with DoD scientists and STEM experts to inspire and increase awareness of career opportunities in STEM-related fields


​Love parks and being outdoors? King County Parks Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) is a PAID summer internship program for teens interested in jobs in parks and the environment. Ten positions are open to all students entering grades 10-12 who attend school in King County. 


PNNL partners with colleges, universities, and high schools to offer student internships in a wide range of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and business fields.   

This program will specifically allow teen artists of color to hone their artwork under the guidance of professional mentors.


* Search for more internships by Googling: high school internships Washington state



Jobs for CHS students

  • Job Folder located in the College & Career Center

  • *Community members: If you have a position that would be suitable for high schoolers and would like to post it with the College & Career Readiness Center's Job Board, please email Wendy Scott . 

Summer Opportunities

Opportunities await.

The University of Washington’s Youth & Teen Programs offers enrichment opportunities during the school year and summer.

Seattle University offers three pre-college summer programs that provide opportunities for self-paced learning, experiential projects, and real-time engagement with our faculty and undergraduate program advisors. Students will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded young leaders from across the country!

are an intensive 4 days focusing on small group ensembles.​

One of WANIC’s primary goals is to prepare students for post-secondary education or a rewarding career in any field. We value, model, and teach skills that set students up to be successful, respected, and confident members of society during high school and beyond. WANIC faculty and staff devote their time and energy into cultivating a culture of mutual respect, safety and inclusivity, positive social behavior, and high academic standards.​

This Securing the Supply Chain Summit will concentrate on building pathways for success by securing infrastructure, supply chain and energy systems. For the first time in our lifetimes, supply chains are front and center in the public's consciousness. Our supply chains need to be resilient while still efficient and cost effective. Speakers from industry, policy organizations and education will delve into the challenges to the supply chain, how it is changing, and what will need to happen in the future. ​

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