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Info for Homecoming Game & Dance

We are gearing up for an eventful and fun homecoming week ahead. Below is some important information for students and families regarding the homecoming game and dance.

Important Information to Know for Saturday’s Homecoming Dance:

When is the deadline for ticket sales? Tickets must be purchased by 1:00 pm this Friday, October 6th. There will be no tickets sold at the door.

What is the expected dress code at the dance? There is no expected formal wear to attend the dance. Some students dress up and some students are more casual. The only requirement is that shoes are worn during the entire dance.

Where should students park? Ample street parking and pay lots surround MoPOP and the Seattle Center. There is a pay lot next to MoPOP at 5th Avenue N and Harrison Street. This is the only Seattle Center lot where oversized vehicles may park. Designated handicapped parking spaces are available at all Seattle Center lots. The MoPOP group entrance, located at 5th Avenue N and Harrison Street and adjacent to the vehicle turnaround at the silver end of the building, provides convenient access for dropping off and picking up students.

If students are getting a ride, where is the best place to be dropped off? The circle drive at MoPOP is the best place for students to be dropped off and picked up.

Will there be food or drinks available at the dance? No food will be provided or available for purchase during the dance; however, ice water and cups will be provided by MoPOP staff.

Will students have access to other exhibits at the dance? The dance itself is in Sky Church, but we have rented out the whole facility, so exhibits will be open to students attending the dance at no additional charge.

Can students leave the venue? Students can leave the dance when they are ready to go home; however, once a student leaves the dance, they may not re-enter.

Are there any other rules students should know? YES!

· Shoes must be worn at all times. Wear comfortable shoes or bring an extra pair you can change into if needed.

· No bags are allowed in the dance; however, totes with extra shoes can be checked into the museum’s coat check area.

· Outside food and drink are prohibited. Water will be provided inside the dance.

· School rules regarding student behavior and the use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs also apply at dances.

· Sexually suggestive dances (bumping, grinding, etc.), gestures, and physical contact are prohibited.

· To keep students safe, there is no freak dancing or “moshing” nor sitting or lying down on the dance floor.

Can students be asked to leave or denied entrance at the dance? YES.

Administration can deny entrance at the door to any student who has chosen not to follow the school rules for student behavior. Students who engage in prohibited or unsafe behavior once at the dance will also be asked to leave. Please note that students denied entrance or asked to leave the dance will not receive a refund. Finally, any student with an unexcused absence on Friday will not be allowed to attend the dance on Saturday.

We believe our students will make safe and healthy choices so this can be a fun and memorable Homecoming weekend for all.

What should students do in case of an emergency? Please review the following Safety Sheet for important safety and emergency information:

Cedarcrest Homecoming 2023 Safety Sheet

Area Safety

Please be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. Homelessness can be an issue in Seattle. It is important to remember this and keep your distance from homeless people and strangers, especially since the event takes place at night. If you notice an unsafe situation, please report it to event staff.

Members of the Duvall Police Department as well as CHS staff chaperones will be present at the event.

In case of emergency, please contact either of the following CHS staff members. They will be on site during the event.

· Shelly Campbell: (281) 744-9236

· Tracie Kelly: (904) 501-1585

Police / Fire – In case of emergency, dial 911.

The Seattle Police Department is located just over a mile away from MoPop:

Seattle Police Department – West Precinct

810 Virginia St, Seattle, WA, 98101

Medical Resources – In case of emergency, dial 911, inform operators of the situation in detail, and follow their instructions.

Virginia Mason Hospital

1100 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Harborview Medical Center

325 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Venue Safety

Museum of Pop Culture at Seattle Center

325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98121

The venue’s floorplan is shown below:

MoPOP Building Safety and Security Features:

• State-of-the-art automated fire suppression system

• Direct lines to emergency services and neighboring Seattle Center campus venues

• 24/7 security control and building camera monitoring system

• Radio communication channels between all MoPOP staff

• Automatic emergency generator system

• Fire lane located in MoPOP turnaround

• AED onsite


Full Building Evacuation: A full building evacuation will be called in the occurrence of a serious emergency that requires guests to safely congregate outside the building. The MoPOP Security team will organize and orchestrate the evacuation by announcing the need to evacuate and directing guests to the closest emergency exit and muster points. The security team will direct throughout the evacuation.

Partial Building Closure: Certain emergencies will require a partial closure. In this type of situation, the dangerous condition is limited to a specific area of the facility. As a result, only those areas of the facility exposed to this danger need to be closed. A partial closure could be limited to a single room or galleries, etc.

Natural Disaster / Earthquake:

In the event of an earthquake and/or structural failure, there will be very little, if any, warning time in which to react. If you are inside, protect yourself immediately by getting under the nearest table, desk, or other stable object. After tremors have stopped, the building will be evacuated immediately. Re-entry will not be allowed until the building completes a safety inspection and an “all clear” is given by the MoPOP security lead. If the building is not to be re-occupied, the event will be terminated.


Fire extinguishers are located throughout the venue. If evacuation is necessary, exit according to the evacuation plan. If possible, keep yourself below smoke level by crouching or crawling. Call emergency personnel using 911.

Violent Crime:

In case of an active shooter, remember these steps in priority order:

1. Run: leave your belongings behind; keep your hands visible.

2. Hide: keep out of view of the criminal; block entry to your location if possible.

3. Fight: as a last resort, attempt to throw objects or defend yourself.

Even though we do not anticipate an emergency, it is important to plan ahead and be prepared. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Tracie Kelly (904-501-1585) or Shelly Campbell (281-744-9236).

We look forward to seeing everyone at the dance on Saturday!


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