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Parents and Students

Good morning, we all know that we have a great group of students at CHS and they are very proud of their school. Just take a moment to come up and look at the “Tape Art” they are creating around campus, or take a look at our lunch area after 400 students have eaten lunch, there is barely any mess. However, as you may or may not know, there is a current trend that has come from Tik Tok with a challenge for students to steal something from your school, or vandalize something at your school. Please know that these actions are not just disrespectful to the rest of the CHS student body, they are considered criminal activities. We will be involving the Duvall Police Department in our investigations and treating any of these behaviors with a serious response appropriate to the infraction. I must say that the vast majority of our student body are very respectful of their school, staff, and their classmates. It is our intent to keep CHS a great place for all students!


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