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Winter Dance Security

CHS Families,

You likely know about the event in Memphis Tennessee three weeks ago where a young man was killed by police after a traffic stop. Also, you may know of the release of the very graphic video of the brutal killing by the five police officers that was released last evening. The release of this video resulted in a peaceful protest last night in downtown Seattle. We have been monitoring the situation in downtown related to potential protests and the impact it could have on Winter Dance. We will continue to monitor it today to make sure our students can attend safely. As a precaution, we have asked the Pacific Science Center to increase security at the site and they have agreed. As we do for every dance event, we will have two Duvall Police Department officers on site.

If your student is attending and is planning on dining before the dance in Seattle, we would suggest that you monitor the news and determine if the location where they are dining is satisfactory for your student.

As always, safety of our students is our first priority.

Ray Labate, Principal


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