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Social Media Post

Cedarcrest High School and the Riverview School District have been made aware of a social media post, which involved students attending a private, non-school district event, and posting an image that is insensitive, extremely inappropriate, and disappointing. The social media post occurred off-campus and outside of school hours. We have received numerous emails, phone calls, and notifications regarding this image. Cedarcrest High School has allowed students affected by this image the opportunity to speak to staff about the emotions and feelings that this image has caused.

Cedarcrest High School and Riverview School District do not condone the messages shared by the post. Cedarcrest High School and Riverview School District hold shared values of honesty, inclusiveness, integrity and engagement. We are committed to ensuring that all students and staff are treated equally and feel safe and welcome when coming to school each day.

We will continue to allow opportunities for students to discuss their thoughts and emotions. We have been in contact with those involved and will continue to address concerns shared with us. Our school is a community, and we remain committed to our shared values as a district, school, and community.


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