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Wellness Screening

CHS Families,

The Riverview School District is partnering with the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) to administer the Educational Effectiveness Survey™ (EES) – Student Universal Wellness Screener to our students. This survey is planned to be administered between October 5th and October 21st. Students will be asked to complete the survey on-line, using their laptop. They can complete the survey at school during Advisory or on their own time. The survey should only take students 5 to 10 minutes.

This survey will provide your school and district leadership with valuable data about the academic, social, and emotional needs of students.

  • This survey is formative, not evaluative. There is no “final score” that indicates “good” or “bad”.

  • This survey is compliant with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

  • The results will be used by school/district officials to better support all students and to address individual needs as appropriate.

  • Students do have the option to opt out and not complete the survey.

If you prefer your student to not participate, please contact Molly Lutz, Director of Students Services at 425-844-4515 to opt your student out of this survey. For any additional questions regarding the Student Universal Wellness Screener, please contact the Riverview School District Student Services Department at (425) 844-4516.

We value your input as we strive to support all our students. Thank you for your cooperation in this survey.


Ray LaBate, Principal


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