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Update: New Order Deadline Cap/Gown Important Senior Information

Updated: Dec 1, 2021


If your senior has not already done so, please make sure they have replied to an email they were sent in regards to how their name will appear on the diploma (Diploma Form). We will be using the exact format their name shows listed in Skyward so please take a moment to make sure this is how it should read. If you are needing something other than what is listed, such as a character or a symbol, please be sure to note it in the comment section or contact Christal Dixon, Office Manager at by Friday December 3rd.

Graduation Products

New order deadline!

Graduation cap and gown ordering deadline is Wednesday December 8, 2021. Ordering information can be found on the Graduation Senior Information page under Parent and Students on the Cedarcrest website. Please note, if your student is planning on using a gown from a sibling or friend you will still need to order the stole and tassel package as they are year specific.

Senior Photos and Grad Ad

Free Senior Portraits

For the first time ever, yearbook will be offering free senior portrait sessions at Cedarcrest High School from our talented photographers. Our photographers will help seniors learn how to pose, pick a background that is professional and well formatted for a yearbook senior photo. They will also help select the photo that they believe looks the best of the student.

Photo sessions will take place from Nov. 22 – Dec 8 during our lunch periods in 10-minute block sessions. Each photo session will result in 1-3 photos that are sent digitally to the email provided by student. Because of the short time restrictions, students will not be able to change outfits or be pictured in locations off campus. Our photo locations will be in places like on the bleachers, on the football field or track, with many of our green trees on campus in the background, etc. If there is another spot you would like to be picked in on campus, let your photographer know during the confirmation phase.

The sign-up sheet is located outside of Ms. Schneider’s room 141 for the available time slots. Before the photo event, a member of the yearbook staff will send a confirmation email with the time and location for the shoot. If there is a no show, there will be no rescheduling (a no-show is anything that is 5 minutes after the agreed upon time). If lunch periods don’t work for you, please email Ms. Schneider directly at .

Senior Photos 2022

Last Day for Submission is December 10th 2021! We have a deadline to meet and must get photos and quotes in at this time. There will be NO extensions. If something isn't submitted we will stick with the photo taken by Joy at school, this also could mean it is from a year previous (junior or even sophomore year). These photos are OPTIONAL. Please sign into the forms HERE using your student account (Senior Photo Form).

Please submit a photo of yourself, a list of your clubs or activities, and a senior quote you would like included. Remember that all submitted content must align with the Cedarcrest Student Handbook and are subject to review by administration and the yearbook staff. Failure to follow guidelines will result in the exclusion of your quotes, activities, and photos. If your quote is found to be in violation of any of the following rules, you will not be given another chance to submit a quote. Please pick wisely.

Senior Quotes:

• Must be taken from a source (book, movie, song, etc.) and quoted

• No acronyms

• No profanity, slang, obscene, offensive or inappropriate language

• No references to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, gangs, gang-affiliated words or phrases

• No language that criticizes or degrades another person's ethnicity, religious/political beliefs, sexuality, gender, physical or mental ability etc.

• No derogatory comments about the school, students, faculty or staff members

• No shout-outs to or about other students or teachers. This rule is in place because of the potential of a quote offending the person it references. We do not have the time to check and keep records of who does and does not approve of being mentioned in another student’s quote.

• No student or faculty may be quoted in the yearbook. There are many great quotes that can be reflective of you, you will find them.

Grad Ads

Grad Ads are due February 4th 2022. These are purchased by family members and often include things like baby photos and well wishes. Please see the form HERE (Grad Ads Online 21-22.pdf) for prices and instructions.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please reach out to Ms. Schneider at or call at (425)844-4821.


What is the difference between a senior picture versus a Grad ad?

• A senior picture is the photo that is used in the yearbook to identify the student, a Grad Ad is a part of the yearbook in which parents/friends/family can write well wishes for after high school and post photos (baby pictures, senior photos, etc.).

Do senior photos cost money?

• Senior photos do not cost money. They are free of charge. Senior Grad ads do cost money please visit the (Grad Ads Online 21-22.pdf) for prices and instructions on how to do create an ad.

What happens if I miss the senior photo deadline on December 10th?

• Yearbook will use the photo taken by Joy. If one from this year is not available, we may pull from previous years which means that it could be a photo from Junior year or earlier.

What happens if I miss the deadline for Grad ads on February 4th?

• You wont have your ad in this year’s yearbook.

What happens if my senior quote isn’t acceptable for yearbook?

• If your quote is not appropriate it will not be put in the yearbook. Please review the guidelines thoroughly. We notify you if your quote will not be run, but you will not be given another opportunity to submit another.


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