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Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors- It is time to sign up for the upcoming SAT and PSAT test administrations. Riverview School District will be offering both exams during the school day for the 2022-23 school year. With “school day” administrations, the registration is handled directly through Riverview School District and not on the College Board website. To register, you will need to: 1.Complete the Forms Survey (see registration links below). 2.Pay for the exam(s) via e-funds. The e-funds system will have the PSAT and SAT fees listed under “Optional Expenses”. The exams will take place beginning at 8:00am at the Riverview ESC (15510 1st Ave. NE, Duvall, WA). Due to capacity concerns we are limiting the exams to certain grade levels. Please note that since these exams occur during the school day, students will be responsible to make up any missed work.

REGISTRATION SURVEY LINKS: PSAT Registration-10/12/22 SAT Registration-10/27/22

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